ATG e-Commerce

ATG e-Commerce

ATG Upgrade/Migration

ATG Commerce is a comprehensive, highly scalable e-commerce platform and application solution that automates and personalizes the online buying experience to increase conversions and order value, and ensure ongoing customer loyalty. Its flexible, component-based e-commerce software architecture enables you to easily implement best-in-class commerce sites. Advanced features help your customers quickly find desired products, learn about new offerings, comparison shop, register for gifts, pre-order products, redeem coupons, and easily complete their purchases.

ATG offers comprehensive e-commerce functionality through ATG Commerce, incorporating search, personalization, catalog management, and a Mobile Reference Store, to name a few. While all of these products are configured for developers, we provide management tools that make it easy for business users to centrally set up and manage this functionality.

Nendrasys understands the strategies, tools, and processes that can be used to enhance the Return On Investment for online commerce by Properly combining strategy with technology enables organizations to:

  • Increases average sales transaction sizes
  • Increase the customer closure rate
  • Convert browsers to buyers

If you have an existing ATG implementation and are looking to upgrade or migrate to a newer version, our strategic approach to upgrade/migration evolved over years of experience with migrating ATG systems will help you to formulate an effective strategy for migration/upgrade with minimal rework by taking into consideration various migration/up-gradation issues such as database/schema migration, code issues, version compatibility issues, integration issues and so on.

ATG Stability Check, Audit and Recovery

Nendrasys's Software StabilityCheck is a structured and detailed technical review of a ATG application, focused on the application architecture and environment, system interfaces and the development and release processes supporting the application. A Software HealthCheck is similarly structured, but more focussed and narrower in scope than an Enterprise Systems HealthCheck. It is often conducted with a view to making application architecture changes or further software development releases to address specific application issues.

Why take ATG StabilityCheck?

  • Do you have performance or stability issues causing production outages or delays?
  • Are you managing an implementation, and require confirmation of production readiness?
  • Are you looking to scale your application and wish to understand the impacts and bottlenecks?
  • Have you failed compliance or an IT or Security audit, or are you preparing for one?
  • Do you have development, release or change management issues?
  • Are you considering outsourcing application development or maintenance?

The key output from the review is a detailed Software HealthCheck report, which includes:

  • Assessment - a statement of the application's state of health at a component level.
  • Correction - recommendations for immediate changes to address specific issues.
  • Direction - a road map detailing specific actions and processes to address future challenges.

If you have an existing ATG system and are suffering from performance/stability issues or if you want to ensure that you have built or are building a system that is scalable, maintainable and sustainable, our ATG Health Check Audit and Recovery is the answer for you. Our ATG Health Check Audit combines a series of stability and testing exercises with a thorough analysis of the key factors that impact your site's performance, including hardware usage, repository caching, build processes, site architecture and error logs. The end result is actionable insight with a recovery strategy that customers can use to optimize their site performance and ultimately propel their online business forward.

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