Hybris e-Commerce

Hybris e-Commerce

Hybris B2B Commerce module:

  • hybris B2B commerce module is designed to deliver a highly productive business customer experience to increase and reduces complexity by consolidating management of multiple business models, channels and markets.
  • B2B model helps the organizations to accommodate a wide variety of suppliers, distributors and stores on a single platform.
  • This hybris B2B module helps in minimizing the total cost of ownership with optimized process and increased productivity.
  • The hybris B2B Commerce enables customers to manage their accounts and place orders in the self-service area of the B2B online store.

Hybris B2C Commerce module:

  • There are many ways for the end customers to interact with the retailers: Internet - online, phone/ mobile, tablet device and directly in the store. Customers expect to have a highly relevant and productive interaction at every touch-point: from shopping, to orders, to returns.
  • hybris B2C commerce module helps firms to overcome the challenges in the present competitive world by adopting additional channels and delivering a consistent experience across all channels, while having the tools required to drive revenue and efficiency.
  • Consumers find this B2C commerce very easy to find and purchase products online and it is the key for the effective B2C commerce.
  • The systems in place that is very easy to manage and unify customer interactions and transactions across the brands, products, places and various communication channels. This B2C model has the best to offer for both retailer & the customer.

Today's business environment demands that peoople are able to communicate and share information effectively in any situation.

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