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We believe every digital interaction should be interesting and useful, applying creative design, innovative technology and personalization. Our mission is make those interactions as powerful, engaging and memorable.

Enabling Mobile Application

Converting visitors into Customers

The ubiquity offered by mobile devices means that consumers can engage, browse, compare, shop, and review on a mobile device anywhere and anytime. This trend has disrupted the retail, and wholesale industries changing the face of business. Today, customers expect a seamless brand experience across channels that transcends devices and physical locations. They have high expectations and crave unique experiences that reflect their personal choices.

To deliver in such a market you need a reinvention and re-inventors, like us. At Nendrasys we deliver novel strategies and new ways for you to connect with your customers. With technology as the thread we weave and deliver omnichannel experiences that sets new standards in delivering personalized, high-touch customer experiences. Our solutions convert your visitors into long term happy customers.

E-Commerce Integration

Orchestrating Perfect Integrations

Today, companies worldwide are applying digital transformation to redesign traditional business models and strategies in the context of new disruptive technologies, digitally-savvy consumers, and a globally connected society.

At Nendrasys, we are experts at synergising the most disruptive technologies including social, mobile, analytics, cloud, wearables, intelligent automation, and IoT in powerful combinations, to build multichannel solutions.

Our e-commerce integration capabilities, along with our mastery of digital services offers you the required edge for unique corporate innovation. Our integration solutions go beyond leading edge technology to include disruptive business models and redesigned processes, that ensure a successful digital transformation. Using best-in-class technologies, we deploy a fully integrated, true multichannel solution - including Web, mobile, call center, and order management -taking multichannel commerce to the next level.

Our e-commerce integration capabilities swiftly move your enterprise towards a more agile and flexible digital environment while blending the 'new' with the 'old'.

Project Management Expertise

Inking the Best Blueprint for a Successful Project Recovery

With the acceleration of technology and information, projects are becoming more complex, costly, and time-constrained-and every year enterprises lose significantly on failed projects. Enterprises are sorely in need of solutions to help them avoid failure. And that's where we step in.

We offer a proven, proceduralized methodology for identifying where and how projects go off course and offer a defined plan of action to bring them back on track. Based on our years of experience and expertise we evaluate and repair jeopardised projects, and offer effective guidance for planning new projects

Our incident-management processes, and recovery strategies offer business continuity, help you meet business regulations, apply best practices, and fulfil customer expectations.

Maintenance and Support

Mitigating Risks, Building Opportunities, Offering 24*7Support

Since we consider our customers as an embodiment of our technologies, ensuring that their applications are up and running always, we provide 24X7 maintenance and support services. Our team of skilled engineers led by analytically strong managers, who together tackle the problem.

Testing Services

Application testing is indispensable in the era of enterprise mobility and customer centric applications. As these applications evolve into critical components of the business, it is imperative for organizations to ensure that their apps are of high-quality.

At Nendrasys, we take the onus of ensuring this. We deliver the most robust, full-proof and final "quality gate" for an application, our testing procedures ensure high performance delivery, reduced time to market, low cost, scalability and accuracy.

We have a proven track record in testing, of serving clients across multiple industry verticals. Our team of highly experienced and globally certified professionals have worked for some of the best fortune 500 companies. Moreover we have a strong partner ecosystem to leverage the latest testing tools, testing procedures and new testing standards.

Services Offered:

  • Automated Testing
  • Mobility Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Responsive Testing
  • COE

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