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We believe every digital interaction should be interesting and useful, applying creative design, innovative technology and personalization. Our mission is make those interactions as powerful, engaging and memorable.

SAP Commerce

SAP Commerce, a subsidiary of SAP, offers one of the industry's leading e-commerce, customer service, order and product content management systems. The existing SAP Commerce Suite is the workhorse of the company.

SAP Commerce offers customised digital commerce solutions that simplifies digital transformation, reduces TCO, and accelerates your time to market. Giving you a secure, robust and scalable platform on which you can successfully build your e-business.

Our SAP Commerce Offering:

SAP Commerce is one of the most loved and trusted e-commerce management systems, with two decades of strong growth, SAP Commerce is a top choice for building both B2B and B2C ecommerce sites.

SAP Commerce already powers a large number of very impressive sites from retail, aerospace telecom, healthcare to fashion, online learning, travel and logistics domains.

Nendrasys is a trusted expert at SAP Commerce. We have implemented SAP Commerce with various clients across the globe. Our SAP Commerce specialists include a team of industry experts, certified consultants and process transformation specialists who have deep understanding of implementing and supporting the complete SAP Commerce suite.

Salesforce e-commerce

Salesforce is an industry leader in e-commerce, providing businesses a smooth, safe and scalable solution for online presence, B2B and B2C interactions, tracking customer data, marketing processes, and complete Salesforce automation. Salesforce has a wide array of products with capabilities across industries, business functions, and management hierarchy. With their stupendous growth Salesforce product base has also multiplied. Staying abreast with new trends and technologies they today have a suite of business development tools that are all based on Sales Cloud the cloud hosted service platform by Salesforce.

Nendrasys specializes in integrations of eCommerce to business software including complete Salesforce offering. We offer expertise in Salesforce eCommerce platform along with many solutions including the entire Salesforce.com suite.

Nendrasys's solution uses all the contemporary features of Salesforce to help you stay ahead with the latest in the e-commerce world. Salesforce is truly effective when connected to an eCommerce website, because it holds more data on site. Moreover, we help you leverage all its advanced features of customer retention, BI tools and reporting.

Magento e-commerce

Magento is an open source, enterprise-level e-commerce platform with unlimited scope for customization. This makes it a great choice for building interactive online stores.

It is one of the most popular e-commerce systems to create online stores around the world that provides management of inventory, orders, customers, payments, and much more. It has a powerful scalable architecture. With Magento you can build full-lifecycle customer experiences that garner higher sales.

Magento, is a part of Adobe Experience Cloud, a trusted name for B2C and B2B experiences.

Our Magento E-Commerce Offering:

Magento has many features to provide a great experience to the users and developers. Understanding what Magento can provide is the key to success in the development of Magento.

At Nendrasys we have the key to unlock Magento's full potential. Our solid concepts and deep understanding of the Magento suite along with years of hands-on experience makes your Magento development a much more rewarding experience.

Magento has a solid structure to develop your own solutions. You can automate some tasks using the Magento command-line utility and optimize Magento resources to get better results. Whatever your commerce objectives, we can use Magento to deliver it. From implementing novel features, to seamless third-party integrations we offer complete holistic Magento solutions.

ATG e-Commerce

Orchestrating Perfect Integrations

Nendrasys derives its strength in partnering with strong technology partners, Oracle ATG for one. ATG is a subsidiary of Oracle that specializes in e-commerce software. The Oracle-ATG e-commerce platform gives Nendrasys everything in their wishlist - attract online customers, increase conversion rates, increase average order size and better customer loyalty. It meets the challenges of a growing complex market and yet makes the experience for your customer a special one.

How does it do this? In many ways. It personalizes the experience suited to specific needs. It builds a platform for creative cross-selling, up-selling, and bundling. Oracle-ATG can be easily integrated into existing software's and systems and it remains reliable in a high traffic environment.

Our ATG E-Commerce Offering:

Globally, we are one of the preferred players in implementing ATG e-commerce suites. We have delivered exemplary profitable solutions to some of the world's best leading brands and Fortune 500 companies.

Our key expertise is in implementing the complete ATG e-commerce suite to streamline business processes, minimise cost and offer enriching user experience.

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